The same technology that powers our B2C app is also available to partners for B2B use-cases. Here are a few ways in which our software might be useful for your company. Feel free to reach out to us by clicking the contact button below!

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Wearables & Analytics

One of the core modules of Healthzilla’s technology is the ability to read in a plethora of health and wellness data from API’s such as Apple’s Healthkit, Fitbit, and Oura Ring. Our machine learning models provide instant analytics to users to score their data among research populations.

Stress Tracking at Scale

The main use-case supported by the platform is stress tracking. This can be done with popular devices like Apple Watch or Fitbit, but also using our fingertip measurement with just your smartphone camera. These physiological inputs are combined with behavioral data points into our machine learning based prediction model to estimate the user’s stress score each day. HR users can get access to anonymized aggregate data on their employees stress to get a real-time measurement on employee stress and wellbeing.

Digital Health Screening

To give users a sense of how their data stacks up against similar population groups, we’ve built simple non-linear functions using machine learning models to represent age and gender specific distributions of healthy populations. That allows us to classify the user’s own data above or below the mean, to give them context around specific data points like Body Fat, VO2Max, or Resting Heart Rate. The source data for the models is collated peer-reviewed research on healthy individuals.

Personalized Programs

The final module we provide is personalized content and programs to users, based on their health and fitness data. This includes exercise routines from beginners to advanced athletes incl. cardio, gym, and mobility workouts. This can be extended with the stress tracking module to provide daily recovery scoring to drive recommended training intensity.

Use our API/SDK

If you already have an app and a team, and just need some of the above features, we can also make them available to you in SDK and/or API format, depending on your use-case. Feel free to reach out and we can figure it out together.