+ How do I add my wearable device?

Apple Watch: All you need to do is accept Healthzilla's request to access Healthkit, and all the Apple Watch data will show up. If unsure, you can go to Apple's Health app under the Sources tab and see what permissions you have for Healthzilla to read and write.

Fitbit: You can log in and sync your Fitbit by going to the Settings screen in Healthzilla, and tapping Login next to Fitbit. You can choose which data to allow Healthzilla to read.

Oura Ring: You can log in and sync your Fitbit by going to the Settings screen in Healthzilla, and tapping Login next to Oura. You can choose which data to allow Healthzilla to read.

Garmin: Garmin syncs most of their data to Healthkit, so you can follow the instructions for Apple Watch above. We will be adding a direct integration soon.

Actxa: Actxa syncs most of their data to Healthkit, so you can follow the instructions for Apple Watch above. We will be adding a direct integration soon.

Others: Many other devices support Apple's Healthkit, so if you're syncing your data there, Healthzilla can read it too. Just check your permissions as above with Apple Watch.

+ I have lots of grey cards in the app and it says I’m missing data?!?

Sync all your health, fitness, nutrition and mindfulness apps to Health Kit. It is you personal and secure data storage where you can keep all your data safely in one place. No app can access that data without asking you for permission to do so. You can sync your data to Health Kit in the settings of each app.

Sync your wearables to Health Kit and make sure to run the sync at least once a day (morning is a good time to get this done while you’re brushing your teeth) so Zilla has plenty of data to chew on in order to spit you an accurate analysis and recommendation. We’ll be adding more direct integrations to different devices as we go. Currently we have direct integrations to Apple Watch and Fitbit but we’ll update you as we add other device integrations in the coming weeks.

If there’s still lots of data missing you can also add it manually by clicking the tabs.

+ Is there and Android version?

Not yet. We're working on it. Keep posted by subscribing to our newsletter from the footer.

+ What do the colours mean?

The analysis results are indicated in different colours. A red card indicates you have plenty of room for improvement. A blue card means your data is okay but there’s still some room for improvement. A green card means your data looks great. Way to go!

+ Why should I allow Zilla to send me notifications?

Switch on the daily stress notification – we promise to send you only one notification daily once you get out of the bed in the morning and start moving. This way we’ll be able to provide you with a quick summary on how your data looks like even if you don’t open the app at all. We’ll also send you a weekly summary on Sundays so you know roughly what you were up to in the past 7 days.

Interact with Zilla and help Zilla provide a more accurate analysis for you in the future: Once you click on the notification, Zilla will ask you whether the stress analysis is correct. Feel free to let Zilla know if your gut feeling doesn’t match the analysis.

+ What should I do with the workout tab?

Check out your workout recommendation for the day from the Workout tab. Some days it’s going to be less intense workouts such as mobility or yoga if Zilla sees your body hasn’t recovered well from the previous workout or other stress factors affecting your life. Try to listen to the advice – pushing yourself hard is not optimal each and every day.

Feel free to try out Zilla’s workouts – they’re simple, efficient and have inbuilt progress to ensure you won’t plateau quickly. Both gym and bodyweight options available.

Zilla reads your favourite workouts from your Health Kit and ensures a well-rounded workout routine for you through the recommendation. Us humans tend to stick to things we’re good at and do less of the things that are challenging to us. For your overall wellbeing it’s good to have a healthy mix of cardio, strength and mobility.

+ What do the today and health tabs tell me?

Today tab gives you a quick overview of your day, stress status and the workout recommendation for the day. The data is updated as you progress through your day so the Today tab might look vastly different in the evening compared to morning.

The health tab looks at your overall, holistic wellbeing and estimates how you’re doing in different areas of health compared to people similar to you (age and gender). Click the tabs to see what data points you should improve to get increase the number of blue and green cards.

+ My brain card is red and says bad?!?

Don’t worry, most of us have been there. Start breathing and mediation. According to science it has tremendous benefits for your brain health. This is the quickest way to improve it. You can start with 1-minute breathing exercise and repeat it a few times a day. Once you feel comfortable try out a 10-minute silent meditation or do a guided one with one of the free Apps out there (such as Oak). If you do an unguided one, you can easily add the data to Healthzilla by clicking the card and adding the minutes. (And no worries, we’ll add meditation and breathing exercises to Healthzilla in the near future. )

Sleep more. This is crucial for your wellbeing and performance. Don’t listen to the people boasting about their 4-hour sleep in the media. Aim for regular bed times, have a good evening routine and check whether a week of good sleep has a positive impact on your performance.

+ I see Healthzilla listing all sorts of data points but I have no clue what they really mean and why I should care about them?

Yes, we know that RHR, HRV and other sorts of Health jargon might not sing to you loud and clear. Zilla’s point is to give you analysis and advice in simple human language which is why we’ve simplified the presentation of data from weird graphs and charts to human words and indicative colors.

If you want to find out more about the data that wearables measure, read here.

+ Something doesn’t work with my Healthzilla?!?

Send us questions, comments and feedback if there’s anything that doesn’t work, anything you don’t understand or if you have any suggestions or requests on how to make Zilla more relevant to you. Thanks to your continuous support we’ve already detected some issues that the mighty App Store testing team was unable to detect so keep that feedback coming so we’ll be able to fix anything that comes up as quickly as possible and develop additional features according to your taste.

Are you missing graphs, reports on progress over time or some other kind of stats that we’re not doing yet? Let us know and we’ll do our best to cater for your needs.

Report an issue here.