Healthzilla launches 1-minute fingertip Stress Scan

What if someone told you, that you can measure your stress levels from your fingertip in 60 seconds with your mobile phone? Now you can, thanks to the adorable purple health monster, Healthzilla.

The Zilla team has just released the new feature to serve users without wearable devices and users whose trackers don’t capture all crucial data points for stress analysis. Moreover, the team has decided to make all of this free for old and new users.

We want to make living a healthy life something that’s easy and free for everyone, to remove all excuses,” says Laura Ranin, CEO of Healthzilla

How does it work then, you may ask. In short: Smartphones have cameras and flashes. In a neat bit of technological coincidence, if you put your fingertip on the lens of a smartphone camera with the flash on, the camera can pick up the subtle pulsation of your blood vessels. Which means we can calculate your heart rate, and more importantly, your heart rate variability, with a free app.

In addition to your heart rate data we take a whole bunch of other data points such as exercise, sleep, mindfulness, and nutrition into account and build a picture of you, your life and your habits to put all of this stress data into the right frame. Once we’ve measured your baseline (remember – the measurement takes just one minute a day!), we start tracking the trend over time. Over time we help you with meaningful insights about your stress levels based on what your body is signalling each and every day.

“One of the goals we have is to solve stress. Stress isn't as sexy as dieting, and sells fewer supplements, but is universal and increasingly a global health epidemic. Traditionally it's been a very subjective problem that isn't measurable. Recent advancements in wearable technologies and algorithms allow us to measure proxies to stress in the form of heart rate variability, so we've created a whole suite of functionality and content around measuring and managing stress with the app,” Laura concludes.

Here are some pro tips for your first measurement.

  • Take the measurement as soon as you’ve woken up while you’re still lying in bed

  • Keep your finger steady and breathe normally, your body is still relaxed after goodnight’s sleep

  • Check out the result and recommendation – our purple monster won’t recommend any strenuous activities if your data suggests your stress levels are elevated

  • Improve the accuracy of the analysis through feeding Zilla more data – are you missing sleep data or mindfulness data? There are lots of free, easy-to-use applications out there for your to start tracking more!

  • More questions or concerns? Check out our FAQ over here or ping us at

If you want to dig deeper into stress, please read our blog post on what we’re doing and why.

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